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My name is Rochelle Mabry, If you can mail a letter then you can do this opportunity and start getting money in your mailbox.

I decided to start my flyer company called The Gold Mining Flyer Club Company. I am a work at home mom  that decided to create a way to make unlimited income directly in my mailbox. Direct mail has brought in so much income in my household just by mailing flyers.  When you join my company and other flyers I have to offer you wont regret it. I know life itself can make you have doubts but direct mailing has made me feel confident as a parent . let's start the rest of the year off right and begin 2020 with a lot of prosperity.

Flyers getting mailed out


I closed the deal and so can you!!


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Please text me at 252-904-8016 or email me at Rochellemabryflyercompany@gmail.com

The Gold Mining Flyer Club Company

Earn cash or Money orders


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Prices Vary for each flyer

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Whole lotta Hamilton’s: $50 one time fee  

Cash is king: $2500 one time fee   

The Big Bang 1: $60 and 6 book of stamps one time fee  

Mail order riches: $10 one time fee   

Scratchoff Insanity: $20 to 3 people and a 1 $20 scratchoff ticket to 3 people   

The Gold Mining mailing flyer: $50, $80 $100, $500, $1000